NC Insurance Exchange carries over 30 life insurance providers. Let us find the right coverage for you.
NC Insurance Exchange carries Travelers, MetLife, Montgomery, AAA, Safeco and many others. Let us compare to save you money. 
NC Insurance Exchange can save you time money by bundling your home and auto to get you additional discounts.
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NC Insurance Exchange offers Medicare Supplements, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans from the top carriers in North Carolina.

NC Insurance Exchange, Inc. offers many top rated carriers for Auto, Home, Life, Health and Medicare insurance. We compare the top companies for your insurance and budget needs and get you a covered quickly. Our goal is to get you the protection you need at the lowest possible premium.

NC Insurance Exchange, Inc. offers many of the top rated insurance providers with A+ ratings. We only use top rated companies to ensure that you have the best coverage possible. Many people think that having an insurance agent increases the cost of insurance. However, there are no fees or additional policy costs. If there is a problem between you, the policy holder, and the insurance company, we will assist you. As an independent agent, we can review your policies prior to renewal and can shop your policies with other companies that may offer better pricing and coverage. We also can provide assistance, support and advise you during a claim.

A captive agent works exclusively for one insurance carrier and are obligated to give business only to that one company. While some captive agents belong to affiliated groups of their parent company, the captive agent's priority is to develop business for the parent company above anything else. As a non-captive agent, or independent agent, we represent multiple insurance companies and work on your behalf, the client, to find a policy that is right for you. This provides the consumer with the freedom to chose the carrier they would like to go with.


The Cost of Change:

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